Tile Art Themes

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Handmade tile art that has the look and feel of a painting, Susan's art for the wall is best known for its brilliant colors, high relief, and free form tiles shapes.

Her Large Tile Murals are great works of tile intended to be focal points for a lobby, entryway, office, reception area, living room, or any place the client wants to make a distinctive statement.

Usually these tile art works are permanently installed, but Susan has designed free hanging works of considerable size using custom hanging techniques.
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Susan works with designers, architects, builders, as well as individuals, often in a team effort to help them manifest their vision.

This is particularly evident in the Architectural Ceramic Installations Susan has done, which includes splashes, borders, friezes, fireplace surrounds, entrance treatments as well as large murals.
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Tiles with A Sense of Place - Susan is often asked to illustrate a vista, locale or a building with special meaning for the client. The artwork cements the special significance and relevance for them.

The client may have specific architectural or interior design criteria they wish to express. The client is often a group, such as the design team for a healthcare facility, which might even include the staff.
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Impressions and Scenic Accents. Studies of trees, landscapes, lake and shore, waterscapes, floral designs, these art tile works are often free form and intended to be hung alone or integrated into a field of commercial tile.

They can become part of the design for splashes, friezes, surrounds, or wherever a focal point is desired.
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Wildlife Theme Tiles - Egret lovers, toucan lovers, lovers of all wildlife find Susan's wildlife tiles work as exquisite stand-alone pieces, but they could just as easily become a frieze or part of a larger artistic grouping, perhaps even framed in a shadow box.

The possibilities are broad and wide: Susan has made tiles of sea turtles, egrets, hummingbirds, lizards, toucans, giraffes, lions, and many others. Often the client offers a photograph of their favorite subject as a starting point.
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There are repetitive themes running through her work. Susan is particularly fond of Dragonfly and Butterfly Accent Tiles. She has spent hours studying them.

These smaller square tiles are for accents, part of a splash, frieze or surround. They also stand alone as art for the wall or the design can be incorporated in a larger mural.
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These spectacular Free Form Hummingbird Tiles are examples of floating wall art. Each one is at least 20" to 24" at its widest, and are in high relief and brilliant colors. Clients have purchased them for kitchens, patios, bathrooms, and living rooms, as well as offices, corridors, and reception areas.

Susan can make similar wildlife floating tile accents to the clients' design - to be hung singly or in groups.
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Abstract Tile Works are usually smaller square or rectangular and can run a wide gamut of styles - at the clients' discretion.

Susan has made these tiles recently for single hanging floating on a wall or inclusion in a splash or a surround,