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Unique tile designs that are hardly recognizable as tile sometimes. Handmade tiles that have the feel of paintings. Susan has over 30 years of experience developing her technique in clay and glaze.

Especially in her Large Tile Murals, the brilliant colors, high relief, free form shapes, and impressionistic style are evident.

The ceramic art for the wall she makes are often large and intended to be the focal point in an office, lobby or interior.
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Throughout her career, most of her work has been commissioned, and Susan has honed a harmonious working relationship with her clients, be they designers, architects, builders or individuals, helping them manifest their vision.

This is particularly evident in the Architectural Ceramic Installations Susan has done, which includes borders, friezes, fireplace surrounds, entrance treatments as well as large murals.
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Tiles with A Sense of Place - Susan is often asked to illustrate a vista, locale or a building with special meaning for the client. In the impressionistic style she often uses, the artwork can have deep significance and relevance for them.

In particular, the client may present specific architectural or interior design criteria which play intricately into Susan's work. The client, in such cases, is often a group - for instance, the design team for a new healthcare facility, perhaps even including the staff.
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Impressions and Scenic Accents. Studies of trees, landscapes, details. These smaller tiles are stand alone art for the wall, or design elements for splashes, friezes, surrounds, or wherever a focal point is called for.

Inspired by the countryside in which she lives, her love of artists of the French Impressionist period and The American Arts and Crafts artist Arthur Wesley Dow.

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Bird and Animal Accent Tiles - Small animals, birds, and even insects frequently appear in Susan's work. These are exquisite stand-alone pieces, but they could just as easily become a frieze or part of a larger artistic grouping, perhaps even framed in a shadow box.

Included here are some recent studies of birds and animals in familiar situations.
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There are repetitive themes running through her work. Susan is particularly fond of Dragonfly and Butterfly Accent Tiles. She has spent hours studying them.

These smaller tiles are for accents, part of a frieze or a surround. They also stand alone as art for the wall or the design can be incorporated in a larger mural.